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All of this blogthing where put together rather fast, so I’m looking trough it again, I wonder how this would work as a CMS for my own site.

I guess I should make some more pages as well, not only posts on the front page.

I have two/three small sites in the pipe that could be done in such a solution.



LinkedIn & Facebook

just testing if everything works fine – this post should spread…

Me out with my iPod replacement

Transport of my fileserver. It could be mistaken for a large portable ipod ;.)

Smart tip!

A smart tip when taking a picture on the iPhone with gloves… Use your nosetip 😉

brukernavn : wap
Passord : wap

Swirly MMS:

Press for iPhone ;.)

At last, I can now publish from my phone, all I need now is my iPhone ;.)

Neat software


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I just downloaded a new fresh app for my Mac – Poladroid. it makes nice photos out of the perfect digital shots – which can get a bit boring after a while… they are so perfect exposured…

Check out